Designing Capabilities

With a team of expert and certified drafters and qualified engineering professionals we deliver services that address HVAC design support assistance:

  • Design MEP Projects

  • HVAC Equipment Design

  • Fire Protection Equipment Design

  • CFD Analysis

  • Customised Design


Our Designs & Solutions align perfectly with your vision

At Klemco USA, we pride ourselves on our exceptional designing capabilities that enable us to deliver tailored solutions for your MEP, HVAC, and R projects. With a team of highly skilled engineers and the latest technology at our disposal, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

Licensed Software Expertise

In addition to our custom software, we have extensive expertise in working with licensed software tools such as Strut 3D, R Stab, Staad Pro, Solid Works, Revit MEP, and more. These industry-leading software solutions provide us with advanced capabilities in modeling, analysis, and design, enabling us to tackle complex projects with precision and efficiency. Our proficiency in these licensed software platforms ensures seamless collaboration with other stakeholders and streamlines integration with existing design workflows.

Customized Engineering Software

We possess the unique ability to design projects using our in-house, customized engineering software. Developed specifically for our industry, this software allows us to create precise and efficient designs that meet your project's specific requirements. Our custom software empowers us to optimize modular support systems, MEP pipe hangers and clamps, strut channels, and accessories, resulting in cost-effective and innovative solutions.